Why You Don’t Need a Marketing Agency

Let me tell you why you don’t need an advertising agency. I should know; I’ve had one.

When you hire an agency you’re paying for their overhead costs (rent, wages, fancy lunches, etc.) and they charge you by the hour, not based on results! Whether you generate leads or not, you have to pay for a marketing campaign with witty slogans and smashing visuals. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just that it doesn’t work. What you need as a business looking to boost your sales is a professional with enough experience in the field but not the extra costs that don’t turn into palpable benefits for you.

There was once a time when creative ads used to be all a business needed to promote itself. This was a time when we all watched TV, listened to airwave radio and bought print media to get our news; this was a time before social media, accessible smartphones and hyper connectivity.

The golden age of advertising is long gone. We’re now in the golden age of informed consumers.

Wouldn’t it be better to actually pay for new, qualified leads ready to purchase? Instead of overpaying and overworking to try to compete for your customers’ attention, you can have your customers come directly to you.

How? Two words: Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a digital marketing strategy focused on bringing in leads, using company-generated web content, driving potential clients to visit your business instead of having you compete for their attention. This kind of lead generation campaign makes it simpler for users already searching for products or services online, to discover what you have to offer.

A good inbound marketing campaign will generate qualified leads for your business instead of junk contacts without any real purchasing intention. Lead generation is the first step towards bringing in a new customer and actually closing the sale.

Your online campaign may involve:

The more information you offer your audience, the faster you position yourself as an expert in your field.

If you’re done with marketing agencies as I am, email me to get a free consultation for your business marketing needs: [email protected]

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