PEOPLE TODAY ARE BUSIER THAN EVER. With less time to lose and an ever-narrowing attention span, you need to catch your customers’ eye, heart and mind with a solid brand marketing communications system. From a business card to a complete corporate identity, your communication strategy needs effective visuals to help you reach your sales goals.

What does a successful brand represent? It’s a promise of value you can count on.

Your visual identity (logostationeryweb design, etc.) is a one-second pitch for your brand. First impressions count when you’re promoting your company!

Some of the logos I've designed

The best brands immediately convey a relevant message anywhere, anytime.

To design a logo that works everywhere we need to focus on analyzing your business model, environment, and competitive advantages.

FACT: 70% of your company’s message is perceived visually. Make sure your audience sees what you want them to see through a proper brand development strategy.

After the goals are established, I have to do my homework and collect all the necessary information to come up with the best solution. I delve into the business’ internal and external environment, competition, value proposition and competitive advantage to get a right sense of what your brand should represent.

Once the best option has been selected, the corporate identity is developed and delivered along with a manual for its use.

Developing a Branding and Marketing Strategy

Whenever a client comes to me as a marketing and branding consultant looking to come up with a new brand, I start by asking a lot of questions, such as:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What problems do you solve for them?
  • What are your core values?
  • Why should customers choose you?
  • What is the big idea behind your brand?
  • How can we set the right direction for your business?
Here’s an example of all the work that goes behind a solid visual identity:

Key Deliverables

Visual Identity Design

  • Logo: PNG and EPS file (editable in vectors) of logo based on conceptual relevance, memorability and originality
  • Brand Asset Manual: PDF document with usage rules for visual identity (concept justification, reticle, colors, fonts, appropriate uses)
  • Naming: Unique brand name to elevate your business' competitiveness.


  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • Folder
  • email signature
  • Letterhead template
  • Presentation template

Web Design & Development

  • Front end development: visual layout of the website
  • Back end development
  • Responsive design: Adaptable for all web display devices, mobile and desktop
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for indexing in various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • CMS WordPress platform
  • Additional languages
  • Social media integration
  • Google Analytics integration

Company Branding Services

Branding is the process of applying your brand to everything you do, say, make and give. It is the active development of your brand values and the promotion of your image among your clients, allies, vendors, associates and even the competition. Branding includes but is not limited to name development (naming), visual identity design, stationery design, social media profile and template design, media kits, a communications campaign to promote your brand image, merchandising, sponsorships, and any action that increases your brand awareness.

Design Your Brand

The purpose of a brand is to associate a set of positive experiences with your organization. A memorable brand will linger in your customer’s mind and conversation. A well-developed brand will convince your audience that you are better at what you do and that you treat your customers the way they deserve.

Whether you’ve been in the market for 50 years or 5 weeks, your brand should communicate with the authority of a leader in your field.

Tell the shortest story ever through your logo; it should be as simple as possible without losing its appeal and clarity. This is why there are professionals who specialize in this area of design. My job is to extract the true essence of your brand and get it down to a 4-square-inch image that will serve as a coat of arms for your team, and a beacon for your clients, all while remaining relevant, attractive and distinctive enough from your competition so you can truly stand out.

What's In a Name?

Everything you want your brand to represent.

You need to thoroughly analyze your target market and develop a unique, relevant and attractive brand name.

Your name should say more about the experience of working with you than the products or services you sell. A good name will inspire people to join your team; it will become a symbol of status, a synonym for vanguard or a promise of good old family values. It can be so good it becomes a verb.

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